Pulmonologists diagnose and treat problems with your lungs and respiratory system. Asthma, bronchitis, COPD and cystic fibrosis are a few of the conditions they care for. CoxHealth’s pulmonologists work closely with our Sleep Disorder Center to help diagnose and treat conditions that affect your quality of sleep. 

Common pulmonary diagnostic testing includes: 

Arterial blood gases (ABG)

Measures acidity, and levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide, in your blood from an artery. 

Pulmonary function testing

Evaluates how your lungs work. 


Measures how much and how quickly you move air out of your lungs. 

Stress test

Evaluates how exercise affects your lung function test.

Respiratory Care

If your doctor decides you need special respiratory care, you’ll be treated by a respiratory therapist. Patients in the emergency department, an ICU and the Step-Down unit often require this treatment.