“To be the best for those who need us.” 

It’s our vision, our responsibility, our commitment. Whether you’re trusting us with your care, or visiting someone who has, use the information here to make the most of your time with CoxHealth.

Tools For Patients

An older man sits on a couch with his grown daughter and grandson.
A patient lies in a hospital bed while a family member holds his hand.
An elderly female patient sits in a wheelchair while an employee cares for her.
A young couple sits on their couch, reviewing health insurance options

Insurance Information

We partner with dozens of health insurance companies, offering you access to the area's only locally owned, not-for-profit health system.

Our insurance partners

Looking for affordable health insurance? The Health Insurance Marketplace allows you to compare plans and buy insurance.  

Affordable health insurance information

Tools For Visitors

A smiling woman sits with her grown daughter and teenage granddaughter.
A female patient holds hands with her grown daughter as a CoxHealth employee looks on.
A young couple cuddles on a couch at home while they hold their baby daughter.